What is the difference between a Natural Newborn and Posed Newborn Photography session?

There are two types of newborn baby photographers.
The posed and the natural newborn photographer.

Posed Photographers

Photographers who pose the babies in unnatural positions need the baby to be in deep sleep and usually need to montage the images with very slick post-production.
Posed shots need to be done very quietly so baby does not wake.
These shoots can take about 3 hours! I heard from one client that her shoot tool 12 hours! Wow! The reason for such lengthy shoots is because the baby continuously wakes up startled and mum will need to feed/soothe him to put him back into deep sleep again.
The temperature in the studio needs to be very warm, so at the end of the shoot, everyone wants to sleep!

Natural Photographers

On the other hand, a natural newborn photographer will photograph the baby with family weather baby is awake or asleep. If your baby is awake, we can capture the intimate moments when he is looking at you. Sometimes catch a cheeky smile or a yawn. Natural newborn sessions will be much quicker and last 30-40 minutes. If your baby is unsettled, we will stop for a drink break and then resume when the baby is burped and feeling settled again. The natural newborn photographer will include both parents in the images. It is not only about the baby. It is about the intimacy and loving bond between the family.
Some of my clients don’t like photo’s of their baby asleep for reasons I will not mention here.

Your choice

When choosing a Newborn photographer, think about the above and pick the style first, price last. Remember, Your newborn baby girl/boy is only newborn for a short time.

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We help you relive the love and intimacy of your family. Love your family and take time to enjoy the little things.

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My favourite image from this shoot would have to be this one of Dad and baby. They are going to have a lot of fun together.father and newborn daughter in Sydney honeydew studios