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onefinebabyNewborn photography Sydney

Congratulations! If you are on this page you are either pregnant or expecting a baby. And you want to have your beautiful pregnant belly photographed or you are searching for a newborn photographer.
Thank you for visiting. We are not your “cutesy” baby in a bundle type photographer if you are after that style, then sorry, but we can not help you.
We prefer the more intimate moments between you and your partner with your newborn baby. This means that you and your partner will be in the photographs. Again, if this different to what you were after, then please look elsewhere.
Newborn babies are either sleeping, awake or crying. We are not interested in getting any crying shots, but if your newborn is awake or asleep we will capture both. Our Sydney newborn photography studio is safe. Be assured that the newborn photographers have had their whooping cough vaccinations. 
If baby upset, you will feed him/her and we start the session over again. This could happen a lot throughout the shoot, relax and feed the baby is the best you can do. Even if the baby is not hungry, it is soothing and settles baby quickest.
We like to photograph newborns in the first 2 weeks. During this time they are sleepier, more relaxed and have fewer scales, pimples and cradle cap. It is also the time your partner is likely to have time off work.
Newborn photography sessions are only held Monday to Friday. We like to only shoot one baby per day in order not to stress if the baby is not settling as quickly as you wish.
This is my favourite newborn photo from 2018.

newborn photography Sydney


Please book in your photography session before your baby is born. Once you have had your baby, time flies out the window and before you know it, they have turned one already!
If you would like a maternity photo session, the best time is when you are around 7 1/2 months.
I would love to hear from you.
Please ring Eleanor on 02 9341 7027