Here are a few images of my chickens and myself, a few where I was the subject of a futurist theme, so I thought I would add them just for fun.

Firstly here is a bit of history on the name. I decided in 2006 to find a name for my business that was sweet and a bit passionate. My husband and I came up with the name Honeydew Photography. Needless to say, at the time I thought it would be unique. But not so, apparently Honeydew is a popular name, who would have thought! Anyway, enough about the name. I work from my home, my studio was a garage. It is now a studio and it is detached from my home. So sometimes I may use parts of my home for special photography sessions. Just don’t tell my husband.

Interesting facts when you visit. At the moment, there are 5 chickens in the backyard. They provide us with hours of entertainment plus really large fresh eggs. When you come to visit, you will be entertained by them as well.

My goal at the moment is trying to grow a permaculture garden. I do let the chickens weed for me, (they cause a mess and hubby doesn’t like it) but, it saves my time!

You will find that I am a bit of a homebody, but occasionally I will suggest a location shoot especially when shooting families or couples, perhaps at Maroubra beach or Centennial park, but not if you want boudoir, that’s strictly indoors.

I like singing and playing the uke and piano, I’m trying to master “Wuthering Heights” on piano, I’m not having much luck with it. I also like keeping fit by swimming and going to the Gym. You’ll catch me down at Wylie’s baths every Sunday morning in summer. (if it’s not raining, then I will be huddled up in bed with a good book).

Oh yeah, and I love taking photos on holidays. I usually only bring my iPhone with me, as I can’t stand the bulk. And I love the speed of the iphone and the challenge if presents in certain situations. Though I am seriously thinking of buying a new snappy lightweight camera for my next trip away, any suggestions? If you want to look at my holiday snaps, you can see them on Instagram.

I look forward to hearing from you too, pop me a line on or ring me on 02 9341 7027