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Family Photography 

Are you looking at updating your family photography? Or have you never employed a photographer and don’t know where to look? Do you live in Sydney or are you coming to Sydney to visit family and want an extended family portrait?

We are conveniently located in Sydney’s South East, close to the major ring roads. We also give you the opportunity to view your images straight after your shoot to avoid any inconvenience.

At Honeydew Photography we pride ourselves on being able to relate to all families. We love to have fun and good old down to earth conversation.

Honeydew photography has been in business in Sydney for over 20 years. And you can tell we enjoy meeting you and making you feel special.
Our studio is a small boutique home studio. We have chickens in the backyard which helps the kids to feel relaxed and have more fun. In fact, we find that some children, after their family photography Sydney session don’t want to go home.

You don’t have to use our studio for your Family photography. We can come to the privacy of your own home or at one of our great parks or beaches here in the Eastern Suburbs. If you prefer a beach session, our recommendation is Maroubra Beach. It is a little quieter compared to other Sydney beaches.  And we will book you into our sunset shoots, where the beautiful colours appear at the end of the dya. Our all-time favourite park is Centennial Park. Centennial Park has magnificent trees and bushland and we know some quiet spots. We also can shoot under the trees and therefore it is not too time precious.

We know every family is different. So we consult you first on the styles at your family photography session. If you prefer more traditional and classic we can accommodate you. As well as those more modern and contemporary families with a more lifestyle session.
Through our attention to detail, the family photography we create is more than a portrait. Your portrait becomes a work of art.

Don’t leave it too late! It is so easy to put important events off.  We all do it. Something we hear time and time again is. “I wish we did this when the kids were little”. Or “I wish we did this before I became sick” Remember: How do you want to remember your family?

Take a read through this article to help you prepare for the family photography sessions.

One thing to consider before booking your family photographer.

Get all the family to agree on a date. Once it is agreed on lock it in.

Suggest a location where it is not too far to travel.

Then ring and book a photographer.  Extended family photography sessions are the most difficult to organise and I imagine many families give up or don’t even bother. If it is important to you, then please pursue it. Organise a picnic or an event so it can have a duel purpose.  Good luck.  You may want to read my brief story. Proper photo still to come….


extended family photography

Are you trying to organise your extended family photography session?


If you are, I feel for you!  The photo on the left is half of my extended family.  Basically, my mother was getting frustrated with the lack of enthusiasm for the big family portrait! 

So instead of waiting for the other 10 family members, we just took a quick self-timer, to keep mum happy.  

Now I am in the process of hiring a photographer and it is not an easy matter! Really, there are not many family photographers who shoot more than 5 people in a session.

This is a very casual photo, as you can see, I do recommend that we at least do our hair! That is why I am wearing a hat.  If you too are finding it difficult to hire the ideal photographer, please give me a call!