My professional pet photography business was starting to dwindle and last year I decided to show my photographs at the Sydney Dog Lovers Show. Do you want to see a funny video of a pets and children photography shoot?

I asked for people to pose with their dogs for a free pet photography studio session. This was to help me produce new Honeydew Photography displays in my Sydney photography studio for my upcoming exhibit at the Sydney Dog Lovers Show.

I wanted children and their dogs, really, children that loved their dog! I put together a slide show and converted to video from this funny photo shoot, please have a look. It was a four-year-old girl, her two-year-old brother and their 8-year-old Golden Retriever dog.

The photography session started in my Sydney photography studio with the children refusing to wear the clothes I suggested, and the dog rather playing with the chickens outside. The dog was more interested in looking out the window at the chickens then posing with the kids.

Mind you, the kids didn’t really want anything to do with the dog either. Every time the dog came near them they ran away!

How do we get them all to co-operate? Dog treats! Only the dog didn’t really care for them, only the kids, they loved them. (They were human biscuits after all) You will see them eating the treats and looking for them on the ground that the dog missed.

Basically, the kids were not interested in this pet photography session, it didn’t matter what we would ask of them. They just went around doing their own thing. When we did finally get the little girl to lie down, the dog sat on her behind and was not interested in facing the camera, the chickens were still his focus!

The little boy didn’t want to be with his sister more than a second and started being clingy to his mum. How were we possibly going to save the day?

Well, we got mum into the photo’s, unprepared and looking dishevelled and flustered. The dog was then happy to be with mum unlike, the kids. During the whole time, I was just snapping away hoping for the best. Looking back, I love the crazy, wild unpremeditated images that we captured. Just another day in the life of a professional portrait photographer.

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By the way, here is my favourite image from the shoot.

funny dog and child
She really should start acting! She is a natural.