If this is your first professional photo shoot, whether it is with your newborn baby, family or pet. Here are a few tips to help you on the day.

  1. Ask for a price list before the shoot from your photographer to avoid any surprises.
  2. Be prepared that things may not go as you had planned. For example, your baby may not smile, your dog could be too tired to sit, your toddler may have a tantrum. Any of these events can and most will happen to 50% of people, stay calm, keep happy and enjoy the experience. Try not to bribe a toddler with treats, it usually backfires.
  3. Bring in clothes to wear that are newish. Avoid clothes with balling, holes or are dirty or covered in dog hair. All those things will show up in professional photography.
  4. Women, please go to the hairdresser before the shoot to colour your roots (if you colour your hair). Put makeup on your face, even if you don’t usually wear it. Men, shave and groom before the shoot.
  5. Let your photographer know what you would like as an end product. For instance, a frame for the wall above the TV. Or you may like a collection of different sizes for an American style wall.
    Also, chat about the styles of portraits you wish to convey. Are you happy, go lucky family or the formal looking straight down the lens type?

I hope these tips are helpful. Professional photography can be a luxury for many families. Good planning helps you prepare for an occasion that could be a once in a lifetime.

Eleanor Godley is a professional photographer and is the owner of Honeydew Photography.

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baby smiling holding hands of parents
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