Hi There,

So your thinking of booking a photography session? What makes you choose your photographer? Is it their style? Price? Personality?

Do you feel you need to know anything about them before booking in?

What are the important points for you?

Do you have a few seconds to read some quirks (not all) about Honeydew photography? Come on, it won’t take that long.

You can pat them, feed them or just watch, they are such great pets, best of all they produce lovely eggs. And they are so polite, they stand in line waiting for their turn to lay their eggs!

Chickens are great to entertain your kids and perfect when your kids need a little “down” time from the photography session.


Another quirky fact is we have a purple house. You can’t mistake us from any other house in the street.

My studio is a converted garage, sorry it’s not glitzy or big but it does the job just fine. On a lovely day I will use the beautiful natural light coming from my north facing window but when the weather is glum, on come the studio lights.

I love photographing in natural light and most of all I love black and white images. (but my chickens look best in colour).

What do you like best, colour or black and white?

Did you know that you can request a family photography session in your home or in the park or beach?

Want to ask a question?

Give me a call on 9341 7027