Useful Information

Studio Portraits: Honeydew photography offers you the privacy of our air conditioned studio for all your portraiture needs.  You can choose to be intimate session with your partner or casual family session with the kids.  We will use both natural light and studio flash for the best possible results.  You can be rest assured that your studio images will be beautifully lit as well as feeling relaxed and comfortable. We know you will absolutely love them!

Sydney Eastern Suburbs Beaches and Parks:  If you prefer an outdoor session, we offer early morning or late afternoon sessions for the beach and parks, this gives the most flattering light and you will absolutely love how you look.  With outdoor sessions we tend to offer even more relaxed and spontaneous images where you and your children will be on the move, running through water, getting wet and having fun!  We also set up and direct you, so don’t worry if you don’t know what to do we will direct.

Home sessions:  if you have interesting features in your home and/or garden, we can come to you!  Being at home can help some children as they are happy in their own surroundings.  Occasionally you can view the session in the comfort of your home, depending on the conditions.

What we suggest

We encourage All baby photography sessions in our studio.  Here we can control the light and you will get the most gorgeous portraits of your babies.  We can come to your home if you have north facing rooms.

Toddlers over 15mth we will now take to the park (if they are not walking then it is best to stay in the studio)

Kids from 2 years on are quite ideal at the park or the beach.  Active kids will enjoy the outdoor sessions more than the more static studio sessions, so please consider this when deciding on your location

Pets:  I recommend that your pets come to my studio as you will get a completely different look to what you usually take yourself.  Please groom him/her as close to the session as possible and bring plenty of small treats.  Dogs are not allowed on our beaches, so please don’t suggest a beach shoot with a dog, the park is ok.  Remember to include your pet in your family session if he/she is a valuable part of your family.  Kids love being photographed with their pets so feel free to bring them, please inform us you will be bringing your pet at time of booking.

Families:  no matter how big the family is we can photograph them. Extended families need to choose an outdoor location or their home if there are more then 7 in the family.
Under 7 people we can photograph your family in our studio. Clothing plays a big part in your family portraits.  It is best to colour co-ordinate your family, dress everyone in similar tones or mix and match.  It is important that you talk to other members of the family about this so you are all on the same wavelength.  If only one person wears black and everyone else wears white then the person wearing black will stand out as the centre of attention.  If you are wearing formal clothing but would like a casual portrait, please voice your request.

Pre-school Photography: Honeydew photography offers a range of packages for preschools in the local area.  Our preschoolers are casual and very relaxed, many mum’s comment they are the best preschool photo’s they have ever seen!

Adults: We can create lovely portraits for any occasion. They can be natural, fun, relaxed or casual or sexy and sensual.  Take a look on our adult site for our intimate poses. You can bring in a few changes of clothing, corsets, lingerie etc and any accessories that will match the mood.  When we photograph semi nudes, please wear loose clothing before the session, therefore your skin isn’t marked with strap marks etc. If you are an outdoors type, why not ask for the session in the park or at the beach, sorry no nudity outdoors.

Corporate head shots: We can photograph any local businesses needing a quick head shot or with their whole team.  We also photograph events for corporations and charities.
We can also offer still life photography for catalogues and brochures and online sites.

Other useful stuff:

Our sessions run from 1½ hour to 3 hours depending on your requirements. You will need to come to the studio with your hair and make up done. You will be able to place your order at the time of your photography session.
We usually allocate 1 hour for the viewing session. (included in the 3 hours max)

Our session cost is $250, the session can be in our studio, at our local beach or park. Our starting price for prints
is $180 (7 x 10 inches / 17.78 x 25.40cm ) and an average customer usually spends around $1500.

Please bring in the clothing and accessories you would like to be photographed in, including lingerie, shoes, hats, jewellery etc.

If you intend to do sensual portraits or nudes, please wear loose clothing so your skin is not marked.

In order to look your best we ask that you have an early night the night before the shoot and stay off alcohol.

If you are to be photographed with your pet, it is important to groom your pet just prior to the session and please bring plenty of small pet snacks.