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Teenage Portraits

“Honeydew photography were recommended by family friends who had been
thrilled with their family portraits.  We were also very happy with the
level of professionalism, the fun of the photo shoot and the results. We now
have some beautiful and joy filled portraits to enjoy at home. All of our
friends are very impressed.
Alex Gorman

Teenagers love Honeydew teenage portraits photography sessions!  I know that is a bold statement but it is always true.  You may have to drag them in by the ear and at first they might act as if they don’t really want to be here, but that is the thing, it is just an act!  They love having a beautiful portrait of themselves and when they see themselves on the screen, they are impressed that they could look so good!

What to bring on a Teenage Portraits session?

Let your kids bring in what they will be happy to wear.  But please bring what you would like them to wear.  We can always talk them into it if we start at a happy place!

Some kids may want to bring in a prop to make them feel less conspicuous, let them, it can add flavour to their portraits and it will help them remember what they may have been obsessed with in years to come.  Suggestions are skateboards, beanies, hats, musical instruments, tutu’s, etc

Remember how they grow up so quick,  well it doesn’t slow down!  Any problem skin can be photoshopped so don’t leave it till the skin gets better!  Act now, ring Honeydew photography on 9341 7027.



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