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Prancing Dancers in support of Starlight Children’s Foundation

This project has now been completed.

Prancing Dancers in support of Starlight Children’s Foundation





Looking for little girls to be photographed for an upcoming book called PRANCING DANCERS to help raise funds for the Starlight Children’s Foundation. To be part of this exciting initiative, simply fill in the form below.  You will pay a $50 participation fee, all of which will be forwarded to The Starlight Children’s Foundation, to help raise our target of $5,000.




What is the Prancing Dancers project?  
Prancing Dancers is a fundraising effort from Eleanor at Honeydew Photography to raise $5000 to the Starlight Children’s Foundation.  We are celebrating the innocence of our little girls who love dressing up, who love dancing around the house, loves her tutu’s and may have started dance classes? Once we have raised the whole of the $5000 we will put each little girl into the Prancing Dancers book.

What is in it for the customer? You will have a lovely time at the photo shoot with your daughter as the star ballerina! Plus you will get priceless portraits which you have the opportunity to purchase after the shoot.

Where are the photographs taken? All the photographs of the dancers will be taken in my Eastgardens studio. We are conveniently located close to M5 and Southern Cross drive and ED.

Can I bring other family members for the shoot? Yes, we are very happy to photograph the whole family at no extra cost, so you can take full advantage of the photography session.

Can I purchase photographs? Yes, you will be given the opportunity to purchase photographs directly after the shoot. Images start from $180 with special ballerina collection prices available just for you.

Will my daughter’s photograph be in the book?  Yes, all those who pay their participation fee and are photographed will be in the book.

Do I get to choose the photograph for the book? You can point to the one you would prefer, but it is up to the graphic designer to have the last say to ensure the book design is balanced.

When will the book be published? We hope to have the books published by the end of the year.

How much will the book cost? The price of the book will depend on the total number of books ordered, anywhere between $85 and $99.

Where can I buy the book? You will be given a link to order online.

Any other questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at

02 9341 7027 or




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