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Pet Photography

Honeydew also understands that each pet, be it *cat, dog or bird has their own personality and our hope is to work with the owner in order for a true sense of character to be captured in each pet photography portrait. Also, by having the owners assistance we are more easily able to keep your pet relaxed and at ease throughout your pet photography session.
Through these methods, Honeydew photography hopes to ensure we provide our customers with timeless pet photography portrait (be it dog,  cat portrait or bird portrait) that will be cherished for years to come.
What to do before your pet photography session?
Wash and groom your pet prior to the session.  This is very important.  Your pets coat will shine and he/she will look so much better.  Don’t feed too much before coming in, they may need to eat treats in the shoot. (We don’t want to fill them up before they come in)
What to bring to your pet photography session?
Bring your pets favourite treats and any toys that make them excited.
If you like to dress your pets, please bring in their special outfit.
Outfit changes for yourself. optional.
A  lint roller for your clothing if you think you may need it.
Call now on (02) 9341 7027 to make your booking!
*Cat photography needs to be done in your own home only, we do not photograph cats in our studio, sorry.
“We thoroughly enjoyed the photography session.  We felt welcome, relaxed and
Eleanor was like a friend, sharing the experience with us.  Our dog Steven,
was treated so well also.”
Maree Stevens