Do you Love your pets? Of course you do! Do you love pets photography?

How much do you love your pet?

Do you Love your pets? Of course you do! Do you love pet photography?
When was the last time your fur family photographed?
I’m a professional pet photographer based in Sydney. I love photographing humans and their fun lovin’ furry friends.
How much does your dog like being photographed? Have you tried and tried but never quite captured his/her personality?
I love shooting in a way that captures you and your dog’s personalities, and the bond shared between animals and owners.
One of my personal regrets is not having enough photos of me with my own dog, so I totally understand how cherished these photos will be in future.

Dog and Owner Photo Ideas

Are you prepared to put peanut butter on your nose so your dog can lick it? Alternatively, if you’d like fun photos without the peanut butter, you’re welcome to bring toys and accessories to your photo shoot. Some dogs really love being dressed up, others love a good game of tug-of-war. Most dogs love treats though, so remember to bring them to your photo shoot. Little treats work better, so save the bone for when they get home!
When we love pet photography, and we want to create some special photos, we do anything!
Have you always wanted a really fun shot of the two of you playing around?
I have lots of ideas that will help you get the fun pet photos you want

afghan hound being hugged by owner and loving his Sydney photographer portrait of an Afghan hound who loves pet photography

Afghan Hound Photo Shoot

Well, this is what my client wanted in this pet photo shoot. But this Afghan Hound dog had other ideas. He wanted to be the main focus in the photos, he really just wanted to be captured solo.
Well, it was a fun shoot and we created some very hilarious memories.


afghan hound licks peanut butter off of owners nose afghan hound plays with toy during a fun pet photo shoot afghan hound poses for the camera blocking his owner from the shot afghan hound playing with owner during photo shoot at Sydney photography studio playful afghan hound dog photography shoot with funny dog expression


Book Your Professional Pet Photography Session

Do you live in Sydney? Are you interested in capturing your dog’s personality?
I’ve been in the business of photographing pets for over 20 years, so I’m skilled at getting the best out of your pets, regardless of type or breed. What breed of dog do you have? Which breed do you think is the most fun? I’ve had a Border Collie, Labrador cross, Beagle and Jack Russel, can you pick which is my favourite?

If you’d like to book a professional photo shoot of you and your pet, ring now on 02 93417027 to book your appointment.

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