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Engagement Sessions

My experience with Honeydew Photography was awesome.  The photo session
allowed us to do the poses we wanted and we were able to capture our love in
photo’s forever.  Eleanor was fantastic and I would recommend her to anyone.
Jacqueline Carnevale

Engagement sessions at Honeydew Photography

So you are engaged to be married or you have found the love of your life after 3 months, it does not matter how long or short the relationship is to get your beautiful engagement session portraits.
You can chose to have a casual couples portraits session at the beach or incorporate a casual and sexy session in the privacy of the studio.  Whichever way you choose, you will have a fun time and more than likely see the best photographs of yourselves that you have every seen!  We offer post production retouching (at no extra cost) if there are a few problem areas you wish to erase.

What to bring to your couples portrait session?

The right attitude is very important!  If you have to drag your partner in, it will probably not be the best experience you are expecting.  Get your partner excited, perhaps suggest something that you know he will love, which could be something sexy or wearing his teams colours or  using his car or Motorbike as a prop!

What else to bring to your engagement session? Change of clothes, you may want to start casual and work your way into sexy corsets, bra’s, tutu’s, jeans, accessories, hats,  jewellery etc. Of course you can always stay casual, especially if we do the session on location, as most locations do not have change rooms.
You need to have your make up done already, you can touch up on arrival.  Please check out my blog page on make up tips
If your skin is shiny, you will need to use powder to take off shin, I have a neutral colour for fair skin but if your skin colour is dark, please bring your own powder for touch ups.
We can offer make up for your engagement session for an extra charge of $150

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