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Childrens photography

“I enjoyed that we were free to be ourselves at the shoot on the beach and
the photo’s turned out just beautiful.”
Jessica Franke 9 yrs old

Everyone loves childrens photography. We want to cherish them forever and children grow so fast that within a blink they have become adults. Don’t let this happen to you! Here is a little outline of when to get your children photographed. It is a rough guide, but it will give you some good tips.

And remember, if you are in Sydney, we are located near Eastgardens shopping centre for your studio shoot and for when your children are a little older, we shoot at Coogee Beach, Maroubra Beach and Centennial Park.  

What is the best age to get my child photographed?

Of course I’m going to say every age is a great age, but if you want to be strategic about spacing out the photography sessions in your child’s life, then I would suggest the following:

Newborn baby,  well that is obvious, you will never get another opportunity to capture your baby so new and small.

4 months old baby, this is when your baby is starting to engage with you, she will smile, coo, pull your hair and importantly have great head holding ability. I love this age!

8 months old baby, now your baby can sit up alone. She is playful and has lots of personality. More importantly, it is usually just before she starts crawling!

1 year  old baby, an important milestone has just been reached. How time has flown, now your baby is crawling, standing up and many are walking. She is cheeky, shy and just adorable, and still a little angel, this is the best baby age ever.

2 year old toddler, Now, this is probably the worst age to take a family portrait with a 2 year old. She is perfect for solo shots, but usually doesn’t want to take part in anything that is not her idea. So, if you want images at this age, just go for the solo portrait and you will not be disappointed. If you now have a young sibling and want to get a perfect shot of the two of them, you may want to think again, as I mentioned, she will not want to share the limelight at this age! 

3 year old child,  Now your child is outgrowing the tantrums and is likely to have more patience and listen to instructions. She will most likely be happy to share the limelight with a younger sibling now. She is cute, adorable and will have her own style. This is the great age for a family photography session.

4 year old child, I think this the perfect age for photography. Please make sure you haven’t injected that fake smile “cheese” look. If you are reading this and your baby is still small, the best tip I can give you is to avoid at all cost to ask your child to say “cheese” for the camera. It sets you up for many years of fake smiles and frustration! Now at 4, your child is at pre-school, she thinks she is pretty special, and she is. She is beautiful and as I said before, the most beautiful age, still innocent and still listens, and she gives great answers.

5-6 year old child, now your child has just started school and is ever so cute!  Remember that school photographs are not the best memory to have for your child, but if it is all you can afford, than, yes it is better than no professional photographs.

7-8 year old child, Toothless grins are fun to get, and this age is  just before they get their adult teeth, which can all of a sudden make them look so much older. The kids are fun, still love a joke and to muck up and will still give cuddles and kisses to siblings and parents in public, which is great to capture as it isn’t long before those cuddles fly out the window!

10 year old child, and so the list goes on. 


How to get the most out of your photography session

First of all, please book in your photography session to co-incide with your child’s best awake time, not just whats convenient for you. I know that sounds obvious, but it doesn’t make any sense to come after swimming lessons or after the kids have just played sports, your children will most probably will be tired and possibly grumpy, so to have a really positive start, book your session when they are at their best, which is usually just after their nap, or early in the morning before any activities. 

If your child is sick, please ring and re-schedule the shoot, nobody ever feels like posing for the camera when they are not well, adults and children alike. 

What to expect at a children’s photography session

If you expect your children to be little angels at a photography session than you may be disappointed in their behaviour, however the images will bring out their real personalities.  So relax, sit back and let us do the work.  We will get the most out of your child in their photography session and you will love the results.  We will get them to jump and dance and just have fun!  Our Eastern suburbs Sydney studio is a great place to contain your darlings but if you prefer the great outdoors for your photography session than we either go to Coogee beach, Maroubra beach or  Centennial park.  We recommend outdoor sessions for 2 year olds and over. The ideal time of day is morning, around 9am while the kids are still fresh and crowds are down. If your children are older, than an afternoon session around 3pm is another great time in the park as we get the lovely afternoon light. If you are wanting a beach shoot, remember that beaches do get busy and windy, if you don’t like windswept hair, than I suggest you choose the park or studio option for your session.

What to wear to a children’s photography session?

Keep the clothing simple with no logos and keep patterns to a minimum, especially when there is a group shot.  If the day is dull you may want to consider bright clothing and bright sunny days you can go bright or subdued.  Shorts and jeans work well, if your daughter only wears skirts, choose one that will avoid being too short when sitting.

Professional  photography portraits of your children are so valuable, do you ever look back at your old snaps when  you were growing up and think how you wish there were decent portraits of you as a child? So there is no need to neglect your children,  our photography of kids are such precious memories, why not ring me today on 9341 7027 for your child’s portrait session.

Here is a recent testimonial from a recent shoot I did with mum and her young son.

I found the experience pleasant.  You were very welcoming and had a warm sense about you which was very calming and comforting. 

The pictures I did choose were in black and white and the quality was brilliant and did meet my expectations.

I proudly display one on the wall and one on a mantle in my unit.

 Those who see them have commented on how amazing they are.  You have truly done a wonderful job and I would happily recommend you to my friends and colleagues.