Little Girl Ballet Dancers in the Prancing Dancers project for Starlight Children’s Foundation

Little girls Prancing Dancers 7Little Girl Ballet Dancers helping raise money for Starlight Children’s Foundation.

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Hi There, Here are some of the little girl dancers who have danced and prance and posed and had mega fun at our Eastgardens studio during their Prancing Dancers photography session. The aim of these fun sessions is to raise money for the Starlight Children’s Foundation. To date, the money raised is now $1400!! Ok, so the goal is $5000, we need your help, can you help spread the word?

This is a really fun adventure for your young girls. And of course the mum’s have loads of fun watching their little girls concentrate so hard on getting the moves. It really is a scream!

We are asking for girls between 9 month and 5 years old. Of course, if their big sister wants to come along, that is fine, as long as you are happy with them coming during midweek.

Of course, your little girl doesn’t need to be going to dance lessons yet, she will still have a ball, she’ll jump and twirl and pose just lovely. We also have some little ballet wraps donated by Penny&Co to take home.

Hurry though, if you want to take part, fill in the form below.

There is a $50 participation fee, this $50 goes directly to the Starlight Children’s Foundation. We have a dedicated “mycause” page where you pay. Here is the link,
But first, please fill in this form