Real Amazing Women

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What is your story?

Have you been through tough times? Have you been challenged? Has it made you stronger? Have you felt like you were going to break only to stand tall again? Do you want to be included in our project about Real Amazing Women?

The Honeydew Photography team have met, listened to and often cried with so many incredible women over the years, that we decided to start our Real Amazing Women Campaign. Launching today on International Womens Day. We want to share the empowerment amongst other women and make a positive difference to all our sisters. I want YOU to be a part of it.
All the women involved will have the option to be featured in my weekly blog. It will feature stories and unique experiences, together with photographs we have taken. It is totally up to you how much you wish to reveal about yourself, you may just wish to talk about the photography experience or concentrate on all the wonderful things you are grateful for. Or go into real hard times and come out a survivor and winner.

I need 30 Women of any age, any size and any background to be brave enough to step up and say, “yes, this is me, I want to do this. I want to be a part of this community of brave Real Amazing Women, I want to leave a testimony that I was here and I mattered.”
The photo sessions for this project will run twice a week for 15 weeks – yes that’s right I need 30 women. All ages, all sizes. The cost is simply $250 for your hair and make-up for one or two people so nominate someone who you know needs this experience too. All sitting fees are waived – you will also receive an archival quality 8×10 matted photo to treasure from your experience.
You have nothing to lose. Call me, message me, just get in touch in whatever way you prefer but don’t miss out. Limited time, limited spaces. Let’s make a difference.