Quirky gardening tips

tangled chooks

Come on girls, I’m getting tangled

Hi all,

How is your week going? I put a call out for engagement sessions on location on facebook this week and of course it has rained all week, so its been pretty quiet here. But, what a beautiful morning we had today, can you remember?

I had a comment from my last blog that I didn’t show my purple house. So, here it is. Now you have seen it, you won’t go to someone else’s house by mistake. We do ask you to come around the back, and now you see the back waiting room, you will know you are in the right spot. One customer I had a few years back, went to a house up the road, (she forgot the number and the fact the house is purple) and of course it was the house with 2 big crazy dogs. Lucky the gate was locked!!!
I am in the planing of a signboard, but that still is in the pipeline. Do you have any suggestions?

As you can see in the photo’s below, I’ve been planting oats and woolly vetch for green manure. The birds are having a great time eating most of the seeds, lucky I bought a couple of kilo’s of seeds, because it looks like they won’t get wasted with all the pigeons around here.

The idea of green manure is to put nourishment into the soil. Our soil is sand, so together with compost and chicken poo, the green manure will hopefully be the magic tool I need to grow a decent garden. It will take a while for the soil to get top notch, so I have plenty of time to think what to grow. I’ve just done a permaculture course, so just need to get my head around some of the perennial plants on offer.

I planted “clucker tucker” for the chooks and fenced it off so it will grow and they can eat lovely greens. Yesterday I caught one of the chooks inside the fenced off area and it looks like she ate all the seeds. Today I see the chooks are standing on the fence (well its a bird net) so I’m not too optimistic about how they will grow. Lucky for the chooks, I have planted another area with clucker tucker for their amusement later on.

I promise in the next post I will add a photo of me in the garden, gum boots and all.

That’s all from me

Have a great week


son looking out of purple house

My son is wondering what I’m doing

waiting room

Here is the waiting room to my studio

bird and clock

I don’t think this clock worked for long. The temperature is funny too.

purple and red

the few flowers in the garden at the moment

sprouted oats

My sprouted seeds that the birds didn’t see