Do you hate having your photo taken?

I just wanted to share a story of a photography session that I did yesterday.

Do you hate having your photo taken?

I past customer rang to ask if I could photograph her son as he needs a photo for his new employers website. She explained she can’t take photo’s of him anymore because he hates having his photo taken and refuses to pose for her. She has given up.

They both came in. Mum sat outside while I chatted to this young man (18 yr old) about what he needs.

At the beginning of the shoot he wouldn’t look at me, he kept looking away, I started asking him what he likes to do, it turns out he likes computer games. Once we got him talking about why he liked a particular game (can’t remember the name but it did involve shooting people) he started to smile naturally, and as long as I held his interest he did look at the camera.

After about 12 shots, I asked him to come and take a look. “No way!, there is no way I want to look at myself” Ok then, I went through the images with his mum and we reduced them down to our favourite 4. We asked him to take a look, which he did reluctantly. “Bottom left will do” he says.

Now for the bonus question. I ask “Would you like me to take out your pimples?”

He watched while I touched up the photo ever so slightly and boy, at the end he had the biggest grin on his face he almost frolicked out of the studio he was so happy!

If you or your sons and daughters are in the same situation, you need the profile shot but keep putting it off or you have an outdated one that needs improving, why not ring me on 9341 7027.

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Picture shown is not the boy in the story, we want to save his privacy.
Here is another profile picture of a client who also doesn’t like being photographed

profile photo