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Baby Photography

Baby Photography

“Honeydew were extremely professional, take wonderful photo’s and most of all Eleanor displayed the patience of a saint with our sub 5 years olds.”
Richard Amos

There are many first time families that I photograph who have older teenagers and the one thing I hear over and over again is “I wished I did this when the kids were younger”.  So if you don’t want regrets, ring now to book in your baby photography before they too have lost that young innocence that children can deliver.

I get asked, “what is the best age for a baby photography portraits?”  Every age is a good age to have a baby photography portrait, newborn, when they are so small, 3 months when they start to smile and have neck control, 6 months when they start to sit, 9 months when they start to crawl and then the 1 year old birthday baby photography portrait is a must!  And then when they are no longer babies, remember they are still cute at every age, here is the suggested timeline to keep in mind when thinking of acting on the portraits for your children, 2 years, 4 years, then every 2 years till 12, then 15yrs, 18yrs and then early 20’s.

What to bring to the baby photography session?

A fun and open attitude a few changes of clothing which can include accessories like hats, beanies, headbands, fur coats, favourite toys (as long as you are happy that said toy be in the image),  jeans, fairy dresses, tutu’s etc. However the best baby portraits are when they are in the baby’s natural state, (birthday suit), so you really don’t need to bring much at all at the baby stage.  When they get a older and more demanding, then a mystery treat can be helpful, remember it is a mystery!

What not to bring to a baby photography session?  Sick children,  nobody feels up beat if they are sick and your child is the same.  We know how frustrating it is when everything is organised and then someone comes down with a cold or worse, but for best results it is better if the session is rescheduled.  Please do not bring any toy or accessory that you do no want in your babys photography.  If your child know that you have it they will want it, and if it is big and unattractive this will really be an eyesore.


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