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Pregnancy and newborn photography

Eleanor is a natural – I don’t know how she does it, but her photography trumps all others

Liz O’Connell

Pregnancy and newborn photography sessions

So you are now expecting,  Congratulations!  This is such a special time especially if it’s your first child, so why not  make it even more memorable with your own personal pregnancy and newborn photography session.  Really the best time to show off your adorable belly is after the 7 month mark.  You don’t want to leave it too long just in case bub decides to come early. Remember this is a special time for your partner as well and is most welcome to come along for the session.

When you are pregnant for the 2nd time, remember to bring along your 1st child for those intimate moments that are fleeting but absolutely a must to savour.

OK, so now your baby is born, what do you do? We suggest booking in a session for the 3 month mark, your baby will be more attentive and even smile.  Don’t worry if your baby has little pimples, rashes or bad skin, we can photoshop that out for you at no extra charge.

What to bring to your Pregnancy and Newborn Photography session

Babies don’t need too much as they are cutest when undressed.  Bring in accessories for example cute beanies, pants to cover nappies, cloth nappies, clothing with special meanings, rugs that Grandma knitted, favourite toy etc.

For your pregnancy shoot. Here are a few suggestions to consider.  A nice looking bra and undies set (fairly new with no bubbles), tights, sheer fabric or wrap, jeans that used to fit, fun accessories, your partner etc.

Remember to book in early to avoid disappointment, call now on 02 9341 7027