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Family Photography Sydney

Family Photography Sydney

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“The whole experience was very relaxed and easy. The entire family felt happy
and natural including our 13 month baby. We would recommend Honeydew to
anyone who wants beautiful portraits without stress.”
Lisa O’Dwyer


How do you choose a family photography Sydney studio  for your needs?  

At Honeydew Photography we pride ourselves on being able to relate to all families with fun, humour and down to earth conversation.  Honeydew photography has been photographing families in Sydney Eastern suburbs for over 20 years and you can tell we enjoy meeting you and making you feel special.  Honeydew is a small boutique studio and we do remember your name. Family photography Sydney can be done in the privacy of your own home, in our Eastgardens studio or at one of our great parks or beaches.

In order to cater to all families needs, Honeydew provides a range of styles including the traditional and classic to the modern and contemporary. Through our attention to detail, the family photography we create are more than just a portrait; they become a work of art. This ensures they will be treasured and be memorable possessions that will always be cherished.

Of course the significance of family photography transcends far deeper than simply creating memories and decorative pieces in your home.

Today, family photography is also seen as displaying a family’s happiness and care. This is particularly important for children in order for them to be consistently reminded of the love shared amongst their family unit. Such portraits create a beautiful sense of belonging and togetherness and this can be important in providing children with emotional stability. These images become key in displaying a message of security and love in any home.

Call now on (02) 9341 7027 to make your booking!


How much do I need to pay for my family photography?

Your investment in your family photography will depend on what you wish to have as an end product. Our family photography sessions are $250 and the prints start at $180. Of course we encourage you to display your family photography in beautiful wall portraits. Our expert staff can advise you on how your treasured images will look and suggest interesting finishes. We suggest you budget at least $1500 for your family photography, mind you, some of our clients will spend less and others more. By the way, we haven’t put our prices up in over 10 years!
Can I bring my dog to the family photography session?

Yes, of course. Please wash and groom prior to the session so your furry family member is looking his best. Most noteworthy, please bring his favourite treats. BTW, did you check out our pet photography page?