W.C Fields quoted “Never work with children and Animals”

W.C. Fields quoted “Never work with Children and Animals” and it is a quote that I hear from clients on a daily basis. Photographing children and animals requires patience I do admit but it can be such fun, especially when you get a cheeky boy like this one who is treating his pet as a mix between a doll and a horse! The shoot was an extreme pleasure for me and the results speak for themselves, I hope you enjoy them too.

Childhood memories – Date jumbles

Growing up, we baked every Sunday. It was usually the same things. Anzac Biscuits and Date Jumbles were the usual Sunday fare. After many years of not being able to look at an Anzac biscuit without feeling sick, I now love them and even bake them for school. Anyway, I thought, if I could love Anzac biscuits again could I possibly love Date Jumbles? I put them to the test, I only found one recipe on my google search, (from NZ) I changed the recipe slightly and I must say, they are very good! Though I must stop at 2, three made me a little sick. There it is, all good.

Coogee Pool Art photography

Hi everyone,I just wanted to thank everyone who bought this piece of art, it is now my most popular art piece in my Coogee Pool series. If you are interested in seeing more, I am exhibiting again in October in Cafe Japone in Randwick. If you can not wait till then, you can order by email at info@honeydewphotography.com.au. This print is limited to 20 and there are only 12 left, so be quick if you are interested.