My Favourite Santa and Pet shots

Ho Guys, you may have seen my recent blog advertising Santa and Pet portraits for last weekend. Here, as promised, are my favourite images from the day. I hope you enjoy them too.

Pets Having fun with Santa

Santa didn’t always have it under control, lucky he has a sense of humour

More make up tips

Hi Girls, I came across a friends, friends blog who is a make up artist and wanted to share her tips to you, here is her blog so please check it out if you want make up advise

The Body Exhibition

The Body Exhibition Invite L
I am exhibiting a few of my body images in the group exhibition Wednesday 28th November 2012. If anyone is interested in coming along, please do and I will see you there
ps sorry the invite doesnt fit on the page

Rainy day photography sessions

Family portrait in the rain at Coogee

We will have fun rain or shine

Hi Guys, Lately it seems every time I have an outdoor session it rains. The last few times I decided to go ahead with the session as the rain looked light, here are a few samples of the results.
I hope you like them, EleanorFamily running on the beach by Honeydew Photography

Keep up little sister

Using Props in Photo shoots

Hi Guys, yesterday a little 2 year old brought his ukulele to his photography session and it reminded me of all the photo’s I would take of my son with his ukulele when he was still in nappies and then later with his guitar. Here is one shot of yesterdays client and the rest are of my son at different stages, which reminds me I do need to update! Feel free to bring in your props when you come in for your photography session especially if it has a special meaning to you. cheers and enjoy.
EleanorUsing props in your photography sessions
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