Rainy day photography sessions

Family portrait in the rain at Coogee

We will have fun rain or shine

Hi Guys, Lately it seems every time I have an outdoor session it rains. The last few times I decided to go ahead with the session as the rain looked light, here are a few samples of the results.
I hope you like them, EleanorFamily running on the beach by Honeydew Photography

Keep up little sister

The joy of photographing 2 year old children

I get many clients asking what is the best age to photograph their children. Well, you know every age is a good age as long as we remember that some ages are more challenging than others and may require a different approach. For example, photographing 2 year old kids are usually far more of a challenge than a 1 or 4 year old.
So what should we expect?
The typical 2 year old wants to do his or her own thing. There is no point getting angry or impatient with them as that is not going to help one little bit and usually ends in tears. So if we give them a fun experience, they will react with heaps of great expressions and the images will be fantastic.
The typical 2 year old usually doesn’t want anyone else in the shot! Well that makes it difficult for family and sibling shots but if we keep it fun they may sit still for a couple of seconds.
Tips for a great shoot? Music is usually a great tool to keep the 2 year old happy. If they have a favourite song, pop it on your ipod and bring to the session, if you forget it, be prepared to sing!
Props. If they bring their favourite toy to the shoot, it will probably be in the shots so make sure it is a toy you wish to see hanging in the lounge room for years to come. Keep the toy small so it doesn’t detract from your child.
If your daughter loves dressing up, bring along a change of clothes, they may not want to change, but then again it could save a tantrum too.
Food. Ok kids are always hungry so bring a snack but keep it simple. No chocolate or messy or coloured food that is hard to remove from the child’s face. Try small rice crackers.
Probably the best advise is: If the child is sick please ring to postpone! No body feels great when they are sick and the session will be extremely challenging with a sick child.
I look forward to seeing you in here with your 2 year old soon

The joy of photographing 2 year old kids

Spring is nearly here

>Hi, I am feeling a little disappointed in my garden at the moment, I feel like nothing wants to grow! I know it isn’t yet spring and I need to be patient, here are a few things that I felt was worth recording, enjoy.

W.C Fields quoted “Never work with children and Animals”

W.C. Fields quoted “Never work with Children and Animals” and it is a quote that I hear from clients on a daily basis. Photographing children and animals requires patience I do admit but it can be such fun, especially when you get a cheeky boy like this one who is treating his pet as a mix between a doll and a horse! The shoot was an extreme pleasure for me and the results speak for themselves, I hope you enjoy them too.