Tips for emotionally preparing your husband for your family session

take stress out of a photoshoot

Tips for emotionally preparing your husband for your family session

For some of us, preparing our husbands for the family photo session is as exhausting as preparing the kids. If your husband is happy-go-lucky about photo day, that’s excellent. If you’re dealing with someone who’s reluctant, however, then here are some things you can do to help:

Especially if this is your first session together with the family now that the kids are mobile, let him know how the session will go and discuss your expectations. Also, if you have to bribe the kids, communicate this with him so he can help remind them of the bribery.

Warn him that the kids will probably be crazy or freak out and that he should prepare himself for that. Let him know that it will still be fine and to try not to get overwhelmed or worried.

Let him know that the more helpful he is in getting himself and the kids ready, the less stressed you will be and the less chance of an argument between you arising.

Remind him that the session is only one hour tops and then it will all be over. This way, he sees a light at the end of the tunnel and can stick it out.

Give him the stress relieving tips we have in this article. Click here.

If your husband is being difficult, bribe him to cooperate during the session as well. If it works for the kiddos, it may very well work for him!

And most importantly – remind him that you love him (and that he loves you, and that’s why he’s cooperating with this). Tell him how much you appreciate his support and cooperation in this, and how pleased you are going to be with the finished photos.

Do you hate having your photo taken?

I just wanted to share a story of a photography session that I did yesterday.

Do you hate having your photo taken?

I past customer rang to ask if I could photograph her son as he needs a photo for his new employers website. She explained she can’t take photo’s of him anymore because he hates having his photo taken and refuses to pose for her. She has given up.

They both came in. Mum sat outside while I chatted to this young man (18 yr old) about what he needs.

At the beginning of the shoot he wouldn’t look at me, he kept looking away, I started asking him what he likes to do, it turns out he likes computer games. Once we got him talking about why he liked a particular game (can’t remember the name but it did involve shooting people) he started to smile naturally, and as long as I held his interest he did look at the camera.

After about 12 shots, I asked him to come and take a look. “No way!, there is no way I want to look at myself” Ok then, I went through the images with his mum and we reduced them down to our favourite 4. We asked him to take a look, which he did reluctantly. “Bottom left will do” he says.

Now for the bonus question. I ask “Would you like me to take out your pimples?”

He watched while I touched up the photo ever so slightly and boy, at the end he had the biggest grin on his face he almost frolicked out of the studio he was so happy!

If you or your sons and daughters are in the same situation, you need the profile shot but keep putting it off or you have an outdated one that needs improving, why not ring me on 9341 7027.

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Picture shown is not the boy in the story, we want to save his privacy.
Here is another profile picture of a client who also doesn’t like being photographed

profile photo

6 Stress Relieving Tips to NOT Have a Mental Breakdown During Your Session

Family portrait in the rain at Coogee

We will have fun rain or shine

6 Stress Relieving Tips to NOT Have a Mental Breakdown During Your Session

Family pictures are great – they help you create and remember fond memories of your loving family. However, this day can get very stressful, and we want to ensure this doesn’t happen. If you’re stressed it will show, and we want your photos to be carefree. Here are some tips you can use on picture day to help you relax: 6 Stress Relieving Tips to NOT Have a Mental Breakdown During Your Session

1. Take some deep breaths. Deep breathing is a common relaxation method. It can quickly calm your stress level and you can do it anywhere. Breathe in through your nose and exhale through your mouth, counting slowly in your head while letting it all out.

2. Laugh. Laughter is a great way to release tension. It will also help your family relax to get some genuine smiles. Have everyone pretend to laugh and they will feel so ridiculous that they will actually laugh. This will ease everyone into relaxation mode.

3. Count down slowly (in your head) from 10. Take a deep breath between each number. If you’re still feeling super stressed, start the process over, back at 10.

4. Distract yourself. If your family isn’t cooperating and you are getting stressed, suggest that we play a game or take a walk. This will let some of the energy out and also give us some good interacting photos. Prior to your session, think of a short game that your family would enjoy – it could be something like duck, duck, goose, or dancing to head, shoulders, knees, and toes, etc.

You can also distract yourself by going to your ‘happy place.’ Try to take yourself out of the situation you’re in and let your mind wander.

5. Trace your hand. Or the hand of your child. Take your finger and trace a figure eight on the palm of your opposite hand. This helps relieve stress and muscle tension.

6. Give lots of XOXOs. Not only will these make for cute poses, but one of the most effective ways to relieve stress is to hug someone or to kiss them. Gather your family in a big group hug, or give your husband a kiss and let your worries melt away.

Little Girl Ballet Dancers in the Prancing Dancers project for Starlight Children’s Foundation

Little girls Prancing Dancers 7Little Girl Ballet Dancers helping raise money for Starlight Children’s Foundation.

Prancing Dancers 8Prancing Dancers 9Prancing Dancers 10Prancing Dancers 11Prancing Dancers 12Prancing Dancers 15Prancing Dancers 16Prancing Dancers 18Prancing Dancers 17Prancing Dancers 1728Prancing Dancers19Prancing Dancers20Prancing Dancers 21Prancing Dancers 22Prancing Dancers24Prancing Dancers 25Prancing Dancers 26Prancing Dancers 28Prancing Dancers 29Prancing DancersPrancing DancersPrancing DancersPrancing DancersPrancing DancersPrancing Dancers 6Prancing Dancers 5Prancing Dancers 3Prancing Dancers 2

Hi There, Here are some of the little girl dancers who have danced and prance and posed and had mega fun at our Eastgardens studio during their Prancing Dancers photography session. The aim of these fun sessions is to raise money for the Starlight Children’s Foundation. To date, the money raised is now $1400!! Ok, so the goal is $5000, we need your help, can you help spread the word?

This is a really fun adventure for your young girls. And of course the mum’s have loads of fun watching their little girls concentrate so hard on getting the moves. It really is a scream!

We are asking for girls between 9 month and 5 years old. Of course, if their big sister wants to come along, that is fine, as long as you are happy with them coming during midweek.

Of course, your little girl doesn’t need to be going to dance lessons yet, she will still have a ball, she’ll jump and twirl and pose just lovely. We also have some little ballet wraps donated by Penny&Co to take home.

Hurry though, if you want to take part, fill in the form below.

There is a $50 participation fee, this $50 goes directly to the Starlight Children’s Foundation. We have a dedicated “mycause” page where you pay. Here is the link,
But first, please fill in this form

How to prepare for your fitness photography session


Do you have what it takes to look this good? Do you have a goal?

How do you intend to celebrate after all the hard work you put into your exercise and dieting program?

Would you like to do a fitness photography session?

Today I did an interview with Personal Trainer Leonard van Santen about how he got into shape for his fitness photography session that we did just before Xmas.

How long did you take to get ready for your photography session?

6 weeks altogether, the first 2 weeks was moderate dieting and the last 4 weeks heavy dieting.
What calories did you consume in your diet and what was your exercise regime?
I started around 3100 calories then I cut down to 2600 calories for the remaining 4 weeks.

The whole way through I was doing weight training, 4 days on 4 days off, on my one day off I would do a big cardio session like sled or farmer carriers for around 35 mins, and followed by a 20 min walk.

I then started to do more cardio on my weight days as well, I did a fair bit of walking in the park.

A few days out from your photography session you had a spray tan, would you recommend that to others?

Depends, on what kind of shape you’re in. If you are over 10% body fat you won’t be lean enough to see your abs. So yes, under 10% go ahead with it. Abs look way better with a spray tan. It also makes you look bigger. That is why all the body builders get spray tans before competitions.

I had my spray tan a few days before the shoot because I couldn’t get an appointment the day before, I would recommend doing as close to photo shoot as possible.

On the day of the photo shoot, what did you do and eat?

The whole week leading up to the shoot, I did zero carbs, just protein and some veggies. Thursday, Friday I increased my carbs and cut my fats and drank as much water as I could possibly consume. On Friday, the day before the shoot, I cut my water intake at 11am, only sipped sparingly to stop being dehydrated. I needed to get dryer.

On the day of the shoot, I had protein, fats and sugary carbs, eggs with peanut butter, banana and not much water. I also did a weight session just before the shoot.

Are you happy with the results?

Yes, very happy

What would you do differently?

Perhaps I would cut down on calories more on the first 2 weeks of the programme to make myself leaner. I was looking lean but I could have been leaner.

I know you are a personal trainer, do you think most people can achieve what you have done without a personal trainer? Do you think someone can be motivated enough to not have to use a personal trainer?
If you really do your research very thoroughly, then yes you could do yourself.

Most people would need the help of a good personal trainer, not an average one, yes you need some sort of assistance, especially knowing when to cut your intake of calories, what week to eat carbs or not to eat carbs etc, managing your water intake etc, you could do it, but if you want to make the most of your time and optimize your results then your best off getting a trainer.

If you want to follow Leonard on training tips you can find him on Instagram @leonardvansanten
Coach at Ultimate Performance Sydney Snapchat: leochefey Email at:

beach photography sydneymale photography sydneymale photography sydneymale photography sydneyWhat you will need for a fitness photography session:

Keep working out at the Gym.
Wax, shave if you wish.
Get a spray tan just before session
Wear clean new undies.
Bring a plain T-Shirt, shirt and jeans.
If you have ideas for other themes I would love to hear them and we can collaborate and come up with extraordinary images.

$150 Male Photography Offer

Available for the rest of this Winter 2017 you get the chance to have your fitness photography session plus one digital image for only $150, be quick to book,

ring now on 9341 7027

To see more images of Honeydew Photography please look at our website and for all our boudoir and glamour shots check out here. and my pinterest page, mind you, some of those images in pinterest are for ideas, and are not mine.

I just found this article that really sums up what needs to be done, its an easy read, check it out.