About Us


  • “Thanks so much again, we couldn’t be happier with the photos, and everyone who has seen them has said what a wonderful job you have done”.
    Julie Williams


    Eleanor Godley – Head photographer and Director.
    She is the most unglamorous, glamour photographer out there. She may be unglamorous but she makes up for it in patience, creativity and her down to earth attitude. Eleanor’s relaxed manner is infectious and before you know it, you will be stripping off your gear and feel like frolicking all the way home with your new found freedom and confidence. Come and see for yourself. She dares you!

    Denise Make up Artist / Receptionist

    From the land where the grass is always green (yes, that’s correct, she Irish). Her music taste may be stuck in a 1980’s time warp but her makeup is totally contemporary and the transformations she makes will blow your socks off! Her beautiful Smokey eyes, long sexy eyelashes and the perfect smooth skin she creates will have you wishing she was your sister who will give you the time of day everyday. And of course, when you hear that broad Irish brogue on the phone, well, you know, that’s Denise.

    Helga- 2nd photographer

    Infectiously happy and eager to please everyone, with a name like Helga you may be mistaken for thinking she is German , but no, she comes all the way from Columbia, and she has a stack of knowledge from all over the world. At the moment she is exclusive to Saturday appointments only, sorry Monday to Friday appointments, you can’t have her.

    Jessica- Events Photographer

    OK, so your best friends getting married soon and you want to organise a party or Hens night, right? Well, how grand would it be to come in for a friend’s photography session or ask Jessica to photograph your party! She is discreet, (you won’t even know she is there), she’s fun, and she will bag the shot every time. Call us now on (02) 9341 7027 to make your booking!